Mission: Impossible 5 Rogue Nation Sunglasses

The glasses worn by Tom Cruise in various scenes in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, the fifth film in the series, scheduled for release in US cinemas in July 2015, include two models by L.G.R. They are Tangeri and Comoros, which you can admire in scenes in the film set in Morocco and shot in some of the country’s most beautiful cities, including Marrakech, Agadir and Casablanca. L.G.R, an all-Italian company which produces glasses that are 100% handmade in Italy, is both excited and honoured by this and would like to offer you a brief presentation of these two sensational models.





Now 53 and almost twenty years after the release of the first film in the series, Mission: Impossible, the US actor is in great shape as usual, with well-toned muscles, plenty of drive and the desire, as always, to amaze his fans and the public at large. Suffice it to say that without the help of a stuntman, he shot eight takes of the scene in which he tries to open the cargo door of the Airbus A400M during take off, while attached to it by a special harness, until it was perfect.

In this film the charismatic Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, has the task of eliminating the Syndicate, an organisation of ruthless, highly-trained killers who attempt to destroy the IMF, the company that agent Hunt works for. In doing so, he is helped by his super efficient team, the members of which are played by a star-studded cast including Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and, of course, Ving Rhames.

Turning back to Tom Cruise’s look and the glasses he wears, in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation the actor changes his appearance multiple times, making frequent transitions from smart, formal clothes to sportier streetwear. The two models of L.G.R glasses chosen for the film are worn with both styles. Cruise wears Tangeri model glasses during the scene in which Ethan Hunt meets Rebecca Ferguson as she climbs out of the swimming pool and Tom Cruise is the epitome of elegance, while the second featured pair of glasses he wears, the L.G.R Comoros model, is clearly visible in the amazing scenes shot on the highway from Marrakech to Agadir, where he is involved in a spectacular and thrilling motorbike chase through the desert.




In the first of the two scenes described above, in which the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson shows off her strikingly sensual body as she slowly climbs out of the swimming pool in a black bikini, Tom Cruise wears a very smart suit and L.G.R Tangeri model glasses, which are featured in a fantastic close up of Cruise before Rebecca Ferguson leaves the water.

The specific L.G.R Tangeri model used in the scene, Tangeri Black – Photochromic Yellow Gradient Lenses, has a black frame and yellow gradient lenses.

Tangeri is a model created for people who love the thrill of speed and its styling is inspired by Italian automotive design. The frame has a double bridge for greater structural support, while the hand-polished black frame gives character and charisma to the glasses as a whole, making them unique in their genre.


Like most glasses made by L.G.R, the Tangeri Black – Photochromic Yellow Gradient Lenses model has a cellulose acetate frame. Cellulose acetate is a remarkable material to say the least and the molecules it contains, unlike plastic, make the glasses more flexible, so that they adapt over time to the wearer’s face. This flexibility also makes the glasses more durable. The material’s chemical composition also allows it to be worked by hand, as is the case here at L.G.R, so that we can offer you a unique handmade article each and every time. Another peculiarity of cellulose acetate is that it is hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, making skin irritation extremely unlikely.

The lenses

For this version of the Tangeri model, photochromic yellow lenses made from tempered mineral glass are used. As well as having excellent impact resistance, these lenses have been designed to amplify colour contrast, maximise visibility and enhance depth perception. And if you look more closely, you will notice a dark grey area in the upper section of the lensthat ensures high protection from sunlight, even at its strongest. The Hydrogen Firing treatment to which these lenses are subjected gives them the important characteristic of darkening almost instantaneously when exposed to ultraviolet rays. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology, here at L.G.R we always use the simple “handkerchief test”. To perform it, just take an ordinary handkerchief, place it over one-half of the lens and leave the other half exposed to sunlight. After a few seconds, remove the handkerchief and you will immediately notice that the side exposed to sunlight is much darker than the other one. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our lenses and the speed at which they protect your eyes.

To sum up, our photochromic lenses have the following characteristics:

  • 100% guaranteedprotectionagainstultravioletrays
  • Oleophobic, so that your fingerprints won’t smudge them
  • Special anti-scratch coating
  • Six layers of anti-reflex coating
  • Impact resistant




During the daring motorbike chase in the desert, Tom Cruise has a completely different look. In this sequence of scenes, Cruise rides a blackBMW S 1000RR motorbike as he tries to get away from a series of killers, also on motorbikes and all dressed in black, who are eliminated one by one during the chase.

Here, Ethan Hunt wears clothes with a totally different style, as he does while driving an amazing BMW M3. Brown ankle boots, dark grey trousers, a grey jumper and a spectacular shirt made from a fabric with a texture that is reminiscent of snakeskin. This is not an arbitrary choice, and likewise it is no coincidence that the reddish colour shades of the shirt he wears recall the earthy colours that characterise the surrounding area. This sportier attire is without doubt more suited to the escapades, motorbike stunts and one-on-one confrontations in which Cruise is involved.

The glasses worn by Cruise in this case are sportier too: the L.G.R Comoros model in Silver Stainless Steel with Black/Grey Lenses, which are completely different from the Tangeri model in terms of both their design and materials. While on one hand Cruise’s shirt with its reddish colour shades and the rest of his outfit are in perfect harmony with the location, the stainless steel Comoros glasses with their super modern, sporty lines, together with the sharply attractive lines of the BMW S 1000RR, represent a touch of total modernity, which is in complete contrast with the surrounding landscape, an ancient, hostile area of desert and desolate mountains that provides the backdrop during the wild chase scenes, but doesn’t clash with it and represents the ideal accompaniment for the rest of the outfit.


The Comoros glasses, available in four colour variants, are one of the models whose unique style perfectly represents our company’s philosophy, built on passion, commitment and the desire to turn heads.

Various materials have been used in the production of these glasses. As mentioned above, the frame is made from stainless steel that is only 1 mm thick. Unlike the Tangeri model, Comoros has a single bridge structure, but it is thicker to ensure greater stability and strength. There are, however, many other features that make this model unique.

One of them is the wafer thin steel frame, which is flat rather than tubular and almost imperceptible to the touch, conveying a pleasing sensation of lightness which is hard to explain in words alone. But don’t be misled by such lightness, because the design and materials have been studied to ensure that Comoros is extremely strong.

Another striking feature is the double frame around the lenses. Unlike most models of glasses, which have a very thin frame around the lenses, if you look closely you can see that Comoros has two such frames. The first is the flat stainless steel frame, inside which there is a second darker border in cellulose acetate, which is tubular rather than flat, and it is this which comes into contact with the lenses themselves. This unusual double frame is perhaps a unique feature, which only very few models of sunglasses have, if any at all.

Ultra modern design, stainless steel and lightweight; to add a touch of warmth to these cold features, the dark terminals are made from cellular acetate, to convey a pleasing sensation of suppleness and comfort.

The lenses

Last but not least, the lenses mounted on this model of Comoros are Zeiss Organic C39 grey lenses. These strong, lightweight optics are manufactured to the highest standards by the German Carl Zeiss group and have the following technical features:

  • Guaranteed 100% protectionagainst UV rays
  • Oleophobic, so that your fingerprints won’t smudge them
  • Maximum visual clarity, even during exposure to the sun at high temperatures
  • Special Rock Hard™ anti-scratch coating
  • Six layers of anti-reflex coating
  • Impact resistant



The decision to have Tom Cruise wear L.G.R glasses in the scenes shot in Morocco is a particularly happy one.

Not just because of the exceptional design of these models, but most importantly because of the close ties between the company L.G.R and the locations where the film was shot in Morocco and Africa as a whole. In fact, although L.G.R is based in Rome, its origins are in the African continent.

It all began when Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, who set up the company in 2005 after a trip to Eritrea during which he visited what had once been his grandfather’s optician shop, “Foto Ottica Bini”, situated in the centre of Asmara, which began life importing camera equipment from Europe and then expanded into the optical sector. Here Luca found a box containing various models of glasses from that time, which had been imported from Italy 50 years earlier by his grandfather during the colonial period. Fascinated by their styling and design, Luca decided to set up L.G.R, drawing inspiration from what his grandfather did years before and reinterpreting it using today’s modern technology.

As a result there are deep ties between the locations in Morocco and Africa as a whole where the film was shot and the origins of L.G.R as a company.And this is the reason why here at L.G.R we are convinced that the pairing of our glasses with the film’s locations is a great idea.

If you visit the product section, you’ll see that each pair of glasses has been named as a tribute to some of the main cities and islands in Africa.



This isn’t the first time that L.G.R glasses have been chosen to appear in an important Hollywood film. Another case is “The Two Faces of January”, the film in which the beautiful Kirsten Dunst, famous for her portrayal of Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man trilogy, plays the part of Colette MacFarland and wears our L.G.R Alexandria Honey – Green G15 Lenses glasses.

L.G.R glasses have also been chosen as accessories by many show business personalities on the Italian scene, like the beautiful Belen Rodriguez, as well as global celebrities of the calibre of Daniel Craig, Lindsay Lohan, director Terry Gilliam and many more.

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