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Delta Futurista 3-4 Rear-Black_low

Automobili Amos by L.G.R Limited Edition

1 August 2020

After the success of the previous editions, this new version of the Reunion Flap is in hand polished black acetate, like the Automobili Amos Futurista body color, combined with Alcantara Creamy White flaps – exactly the same material and color of the interiors – and flat red mirrored lenses.

AA by L.G.R Limited Edition

The packaging is customized with the AA by L.G.R logo and covered in Alcantara, matching the flaps of the Reunion.

These unique objects, produced in a limited edition of 50 numbered pieces, are born from strictly Made in Italy productions and are the result of the shared values that bind L.G.R and Automobili Amos – the importance of craftsmanship, time, tradition and handmade products.

The project Automobili Amos by L.G.R, that unites two young entrepreneurs with the shared mission of achieving excellence in their respective sectors, is expression of the Italian quality that recounts and testifies the passion for made-to-measure, in a creation process that is never rushed, but accomplished, expert, attentive to every detail. A vision capable of combining luxury and design, also through the use of sophisticated materials such as Alcantara, the protagonist, in both settings, of fine finishes and unmistakable details.

Each combination is unique, inspired by the colors of one of the Futurista that Eugenio Amos is customizing according to the tastes of its private buyers: the acetate frame refers to the car’s body color, the Alcantara flaps to the car interiors, the flat mirrored lenses to the details that characterize the body. A game of references with the exterior and interior of the car that makes these sunglasses a must have for car lovers.

A unique detail, hot-engraved in gold on the left temple distinguishes every piece: the hashtags #AutomobiliAmos and #AAmici.

This second edition is exclusively available on lgrworld.com, on the Automobili Amos e-shop and at L.G.R Flagship Stores in Milan, Rome and Florence.