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The Cast of Netflix’s TV Series “Manifest” wears L.G.R Sunglasses

31 January 2023

The Cast of Netflix’s TV Series “Manifest” wears L.G.R Sunglasses


Discover which L.G.R Sunglasses are worn by the Cast of “Manifest”


L.G.R is proud to announce that cast members of Netflix’s TV Series “Manifest” J.R Ramirez, Matt Long, Ellen Tamaki e Daryl Edwards wear L.G.R Sunglasses.



Manifest is an American supernatural drama television TV Series created by Jeff Rake. Manifest tells the story of a group of airline passengers who go missing as part of a mysterious phenomenon.
Their flight, number 828 headed to New York, included a mega-storm but the passengers believed they had arrived safely. However, they were shocked to discover they had in fact been missing for the past five years and were presumed dead. The rest of the series follows the passengers and crew as they attempt to find out the truth about what happened to them.

Among the cast members, J.R Ramirez, Matt Long, Ellen Tamaki and Daryl Edwards chose L.G.R sunglasses.



J.R. Ramirez plays Jared Williams, police detective that, after his girlfriend Michaela goes missing on flight 828, goes on with his life.
When he sees her again, alive and unaware of what happened, he lives the torment of the return of his first love.


J.R. Ramirez wears FEZ | L.G.R x ROBE DI KAPPA Black Matt Havana Tartarugato Matt 23B with Green G15 lenses





Matt Long plays Zeke Landon, a hiker who was trapped in a cave during a blizzard and is believed to have died for a year.
In the series, Zeke comes back to life in a circumstance similar to that of the passengers of Flight 282.


Matt Long wears JAMBO – Havana Maculato 39 with Blue HD Gradient lenses



Matt Long wears DANCALIA – Honey Matt 20 with Blue HD lenses




Daryl Edwards plays Robert Vance, director of the NSA who leads the investigation into the re-emergence of Montego Air Flight 828.


Daryl Edwards wears JAMBO – Black Matt 22 with Grey Polarized lenses




Ellen Tamaki plays Detective Drea Mikami, Michaela Stone’s new partner at New York City Police Department.


Ellen Tamaki wears DAKHLA – Black Havana Scuro 09B with Green G15 Gradient lenses




After the success of the first three seasons, the fourth season of Manifest was divided into two parts.
The first part was streamed on the Netflix on November 4, 2022. The second part will be released in 2023.