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Celebrities Glasses

18 February 2021

Jake Gyllenhaal’s sunglasses in Netflix original production, Okja



Jake Gyllenhaal, Dottor Johnny Wilcox in Okya, wears Togo frame with Flat Green G15 tempered mineral glass lenses. The contrasting traditional acetate temples and nose pads with the lightweight metal frames create a contradiction of warm and cold. Excellence in design creates the allusion of floating lenses.



Simon Pegg’s eyewear in Mission: Impossible – Fallout



Simon Pegg, Benji Dunn in Mission: Imbossible, wears Suez frame. Suez features two rivets that are hammered into place and then polished by hand; a sign of authentic craftsmanship. For its minimal and strict soul, Suez is the perfect addition for Ethan Hunt’s right-hand man.



Rebecca Ferguson’s sunglasses in Mission: Impossible – Fallout



Rebecca Ferguson, Ilsa Faust in Mission: Impossible, plays a strong and indipendent secret agent just like Keren, the frame she wears. Keren is a versatile best-seller, with corners that peak to the side and a “Panthos” silhouette. The havana shade chosen for the actress gives a vintage feel.



Tom Cruise’s sunglasses in Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation



Tom Cruise, Ethan Hunt in the series of American action spy films, wears two L.G.R’s sunglasses in Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation.

In this frame, Cruise wears Tangeri; its resistant construction incorporates a double bridge for greater structural support. Tangeri’s dynamic and sportive soul correspond to that of the character.



During the spectacular and thrilling motorbike chase through the desert from Marrakesh to Agadir, Tom Cruise wears model Comoros. Its wafer thin construction makes it ultra resistant whereas its cellulose acetate terminals give it a touch of warmth and comfort. Comoros is the essential accessory for the Fast Rider.




Marion Cotillard’s sunglasses in Allied



Marion Cotillard, Marianne Beausejour in Allied, starred a secret agent and she wears Alexandria model in honey shade. Featuring smooth hand polished edges and a distinctively feminine silhouette, Alexandria is the perfect accessory for elegant and irriverent women.



Kristen Dunst’s sunglasses in The Two Faces of January



The same Alexandria model was also chosen for Kristen Dunst, Collette MacFarland in The Two Faces of January. Aswan reconfrimed the perfect accessory for both adventurous and meddlesome characters.


Andrea Delogu’s sunglasses in Divorzio a Las Vegas



Andrea Delogu, Elena in Divorzio a Las Vegas, starred a stylish and trendy woman so she must wear Orchid, the best seller cat-eye model by L.G.R. Its design is charming and assertive at the same time, with sharp lines that are made gentler by the use of cellulose acetate in the frame.



Marco D’Amore’s sunglasses in L’Immortale



Marco D’Amore, Ciro di Marzio in L’immortale, plays the role of the well known criminal in the tv series Gomorrah. Ciro wears Kerio model; the metal frame is embellished by the weave of the bridge and by the nose pads in different shades of havana. The strong and modern design of the frame is a pefect stylistic choise for the soldier of the Savanstano club.



Barbara Chichiarelli’s sunglasses in the tv series Suburra



Barbara Chichiarelli, Livia Adami in Suburra, strong and bossy woman, wears Alexandria Cm model. Highly recognizable as a cat-eye frame, Alexandria Cm features smooth hand polished edges and a distinctively feminine silhouette. The gold temples are a charming detail in line with current trends.



Claudia Gerini’s sunglasses in tv series Suburra



Claudia Gerini plays the role of the ruthless Sara Monaschi, resolute woman and luxury lover. Not surprisingly the character wears Scorpio model, in which contemporary elegance meets modern architectural design. The frame features traditional metal screws highlighting the high level of craftsmanship.