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Pop Up at Rinascente

17 April 2018

L.G.R is proud to announce its recent partnership with Rinascente, Italy’s most elegant chain of department stores. The luxury eyewear brand has just inaugurated a pop-up corner in the historic store located in Piazza Duomo (open until 10 August 2018).

On the second floor, dedicated to formal and upper casual men’s collections, L.G.R has brought colours and shapes of Ottica Bini – the store owned by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone’s grandfather in Asmara (Eritrea, Africa) – to one of the most important and prestigious reference points for luxury shopping. As the L.G.R Flagship Store in Corso Garibaldi 36 (Milan) features small wooden display niches, whose shape has been inspired by the three-light windows of the Asmara store, so the pop-up corner does. The Rinascente customers will thus have the opportunity to experience the world of timeless beauty and elegance that characterizes the brand of glasses “Inspired by Africa, handmade in Italy”.

“I am proud to establish this partnership between L.G.R and Rinascente, a chain whose importance is recognized internationally” states Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, CEO of the brand which is named after his initials. “The commercial importance of being present in the Rinascente department store, makes us really honoured. It confirms that the values in which our brand believes are the ones that make it recognizable in Italy and around the world”.


L.G.R _ la Rinascente Piazza Duomo