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28 January 2021

After the positive results of the last Special Editions, L.G.R has continued its partnership with AMREF Flying Doctors to create a third improved edition of the model Dahlak for AMREF Flying Doctors.

The third Special Edition is the brand’s way of supporting the non-profit organization and their Charity Air Evacuations program in Africa. These new sunglasses are designed based on the needs of the pilots who every day risk their lives in flight missions across Africa – the Dahlak is the ultimate aviator frame. Featuring silver mirror lenses with a special anti-reflective coating, a powerful high altitude UV filter and red leather eye flaps to block out glare. This time around, the frame is in lightweight silver metal, in order to further reduce reflected light, that might hinder vision.

“A percentage of revenues from sales will be donated to the Charitable Evacuations program ran by AMREF Flying Doctors, a local organization that has been working in Africa for many years. My hope is that in this way L.G.R can make its own contribution to increasing the number of free evacuation flights flown to save the lives of people with serious illnesses or injuries. This along with other projects, is our way of giving back to Africa, which has played such an important role as the source of inspiration for the brand.” explains L.G.R founder Luca Gnecchi Ruscone.

“Charity evacuations are an important part of what we do at AMREF Flying Doctors and something we hold close to our heart. We are grateful to have generous partners like L.G.R on board so we can continue to reach people most in need who otherwise may not survive.” Dr Stephen Gitau, CEO-AMREF Flying Doctors.

For more information about AMREF Flying Doctors-Charity Evacuation Program and to make an additional donation, click here