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23 September 2019

L.G.R for SEASE sunglasses in SUNRISE Solaro 

Excellence accessory for the SEASE kit


L.G.R for SEASE special edition


L.G.R and SEASE are proud to present the sunglasses in SOLARO Sunrise, a merging of adventure and elegance.

The partnership between Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, creator of the eponymous brand, and Franco Loro Piana, founder together with his brother Giacomo of the outerwear brand SEASE, is deeply rooted in the brands’ strictly Made in Italy productions. Contemporary appeal to elegance, attention to detail, encounter between design and technology are the values that bind SEASE and L.G.R.


L.G.R for SEASE Reunion Flap Sunrise Solaro


L.G.R has customized for SEASE the REUNION FLAP and TOGO FLAP sunglasses with the SOLARO Sunrise, a fabric that is a protagonist in the SEASE wardrobe. Designed as a military technology, with its mimetic and anti-UV properties, the Solaro combines innovation and sartorial tradition. The SUNRISE is an ideal complement to the design of L.G.R’s iconic models, suitable for the more adventurous lifestyles combining elegance with dynamic uses. Versatile and all-season, these sunglasses complete the SEASE kit: perfect for the sea, the mountains and the city.


L.G.R for SEASE Togo Flap and Packaging in SUNRISE Solaro


3 models, 11 variants with side removable flaps made of SUNRISE Solaro for additional protection of the eye from sunlight. Tempered mineral glass  lenses with full UV protection, crafted finishes 100% Made in Italy, impact resistant frames in acetate or metal.

The three models Reunion Flap, Reunion II Flap and Togo Flap L.G.R x SEASE feature a unique detail hot-engraved in gold on the temple, and a customized case covered in SUNRISE Solaro Iridescent Desert.


L.G.R for SEASE display in the SEASE concept Store Milano Brera

On sale exclusively in SEASE stores in Milan, Sankt Moritz, Porto Cervo and Saint Tropez, and on the e-commerce and