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MR. PORTER Exclusive

26 February 2021

For the MR. PORTER Italian Master Collection, L.G.R has selected some of the most icon and best-selling frames and enhanced them with new, exclusive acetate colors and lenses. These new creations capture the fascinating allure of stylish Italian men. Each frame has been meticulously made by hand in Italy from start to finish, using traditional methods in order to deliver authentic and lasting product.

MR PORTER has established itself as the world’s leading, award-winning online destination for men’s style.

7 iconic L.G.R’s frame had been customized exclusively for Mr. Porter website, and they are available only at MRPORTER.com

Asmara Explorer Black 01 // Grey

Asmara Explorer is an evolution of L.G.R.’s model Asmara, the first model Luca discovered in the warehouse of Ottica Bini, the store owned in Eritrea by his grandfather, Raffaello Bini. The timeless design of this Italian aviator frame has been enriched with cellulose acetate side flaps, that are characterized by small and sophisticated design apertures, inspired by the lines of the three-light window of Ottica Bini. Versatile enough to match the lifestyle and needs of the modern man, Asmara Explorer is a daring yet timeless style choice for every occasion.

Massawa Havana Bordeaux 65 // Green G15

Massawa is a classic Italian aviator frame featuring a tear-drop silhouette with a double bridge for greater structural support. Massawa is the definitive Italian military frame, appreciated most by those who live to travel.

Reunion Explorer Champagne 49 // Flat Green G15

Reunion Explorer is an evolution of L.G.R.’s iconic model Reunion, an unforgettable silhouette inspired by vintage Italian Military officer’s eyewear. The cellulose acetate side flaps of the explorer version are characterized by small and sophisticated design apertures, inspired by the lines of the three-light window of Ottica Bini, the emporium in the suburbs of Asmara of Luca Gnecchi Ruscone’s grandfather, Raffaello Bini. The “Zero-Base” flat lenses gives the wearer a distinctive look.


Suez Havana Desert 69 // Green G15

Suez is an iconic silhouette inspired by the perfectionism of Swiss architects. Featuring two rivets that are hammered into place and then polished by hand; a sign of authentic craftsmanship. A perfect addition to any professional wardrobe, Suez is worn best by those of us who understand the importance of every brick when building an empire.

Abidjan Black 01 // Grey

The most iconic model of the Mr. Porter Italian Masters is Abidjan in Black with Grey tinted lenses. Distinguished by a timeless silhouette, Abidjan, with its aviator shape, is a versatile hand polished acetate frame characterized by diamond-shaped rivets positioned by hand on the front. It evokes the elegance and effortless cool of Marcello Mastroianni in Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”. This frame’s shape is the epitome of Italian eyewear classics.

Nubia Crystal Grey // Light Grey

Nubia – from ancient Egyptian Nwb, meaning gold – is a precious, unique accessory that people will always want to have with them. This frame features a squared silhouette and a key bridge.