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Limited Edition

Automobili Amos by L.G.R is a 50 numbered pieces Limited Edition of the iconic Reunion Flap. Luca Gnecchi Ruscone has created a series of capsule collections, each inspired by the colors of the Lancia Delta Futurista Eugenio Amos is customizing according to the tastes of his private buyers.

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For this new edition, inspired by the #7 Futurista tailor-made by Eugenio Amos for one of its private buyers, the hand polished acetate is in polished Arctic White like the car’s body colour, combined with Blue Sapphire Alcantara flaps – exactly the same material and color of the car’s interiors – and flat Blue mirror tempered mineral glass lenses.

The frame is customised with the Automobili Amos logo engraved on the outside of the left temple, and the hashtags #AutomobiliAmos and #AAmici on the inside.

The exclusive packaging, which includes an Alcantara custom cleaning cloth, has been personalized with the Automobili Amos logo and an external Alcantara coating.

The Automobili Amos Company encapsulates an essence and approach to car building that is almost extinct. Cars will all be true to an ideal and they will be built in very limited quantities for customers who are aligned in tastes, discernment, passion and love.

For many years the founder Eugenio Amos has improved his own cars examinating, assessing and re-working every detail to reach perfection, until they become the best. AA will build cars with the same exact philosophy.

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