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How to understand which sunglasses and eyeglasses are best suited for each face type?

Below, we provide some guidance to discern the shape of your face and subsequently select glasses with the most flattering fit for you.


An oval face shape looks good with almost any kinds of glasses and frames. An oval face has delicate and harmonious contours, a small forehead, a gentle chin, and prominent cheekbones. It’s the ‘ideal’ shape for glasses because it pairs well with almost every style and size.

Which glasses suit an oval face?

Almost everything looks great: square glasses, round ones, classic shapes, or more special and unusual designs.


Delicate and flat contours, broad and prominent cheeks, and a rounded chin are the characteristics of this face type. A round face appears shorter and fuller compared to an oval face.

Which glasses suit a round face well?

Thin and slim frames that don’t draw attention to the width of the face, angular frames (with square or slightly rectangular lenses), or wider frames that give the face a more defined contour


A square face is short and wide, with the sides of the face forming straight and vertical lines. The chin, jawline, and forehead are prominent, and the cheekbones are usually high.

Which glasses suit a square face well?

Someone with a square face should choose frames that elongate the face, such as slightly rounded frames with flat or circular contours, or curved glasses. Round frames provide a pleasant contrast to the square shape of the face, resulting in an overall pleasing effect. A pair of glasses with wide temples is a very apt choice because it emphasizes the length of the face shape. The presence of high cheekbones suggests a preference for glasses with small lenses rather than large ones, as the latter can easily cover the cheekbones.


A triangular or heart-shaped face features a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a pointed chin.

Which glasses suit a triangular face well?

The features of a triangular (or heart-shaped) face are complemented by aviator-style frames and cat-eye and square glasses. For thinner triangular faces, rounded glasses can also be an option. In general, the choice should lean towards thin and minimal frames.