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Special Edition

L.G.R has created a new exclusive sunglasses in collaboration with Gruppo Volo Canadair. The support of L.G.R will actively contribute to protect the natural ecosystems that are essential for the health of our territory, equipping Canadair pilots with the new WATERBOMBER model, fitted with special “Rare Earth” lenses capable of improving the perception of the contrast between colors.

For this collaboration with Gruppo Volo Canadair, emphasis has been placed on the quality of the lenses, choosing the highest quality “Terre Rare” lenses produced by Barberini that increase and optimize the perception of the contrast between colors. In fact, some of the elements of the Lanthanides (Neodymium, Praseodymium and Erbium) are the only ones that, inserted within the fusion process, have the ability to filter only some colors.

The aviator frame is meticulously handcrafted in lightweight Black Matt metal, with red and yellow details that recall the colors of the Canadair CL415 aircrafts. The bayonet temples, featuring acetate tips customized with the collaboration logo and the motto FIRST IN LAST OUT, allow pilots to easily put on and remove sunglasses while wearing headphones during flight.


Gruppo Volo Canadair is pleased to collaborate with L.G.R on this exclusive project. For us, electric wires represent the main enemies in rescue operations and these sunglasses, equipped with specific lenses that improve the perception of color contrast, will help us a lot in our work” said Alessandro Nardini, President of Gruppo Volo Canadair. “L.G.R will play an important role in the fight against summer fires, both by donating sunglasses to all our pilots and devolving part of the sales proceeds to associations active in the protection of the Italian natural heritage”.


Credits Canadair photos: Alfredo La Marca