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carnet de voyage_ORIZ

Carnet de Voyage

Limited Edition

Travel back in time with the Limited Edition dedicated to the Best Seller model Reunion: experience the essence of the Grand Tour with Reunion Carnet de Voyage


The Reunion Carnet de Voyage sunglasses evoke a sense of adventure and discovery, inspired by the era of the Grand Tour. Combining classic design with contemporary elements, these perfectly rounded sunglasses in a clear tortoiseshell color are built to capture every moment of your journey.

The thin side flap in a transparent champagne color adds a touch of uniqueness, while the blue photochromic lenses ensure optimal visual clarity in any lighting condition.

Expertly crafted in Italy by skilled artisans, the Reunion Carnet de Voyage sunglasses are designed to last and endure the test of time. The clear tortoiseshell frame and transparent flap, paired with the blue photochromic lenses, create a sleek and modern look with a nod to the elegance of the past. Every detail is taken into consideration, and the result is a pair of sunglasses that are both classic and contemporary.

Embodying the Grand Tour spirit of exploration and discovery, the Reunion Carnet de Voyage comes with a luxurious leather case that contains a small notepad and pencil, in order to record every location, emotion, and experience you encounter on your journey.

carnet de voyage_ORIZ