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AA by L.G.R_2


Limited Edition

After the success of the first edition – launched on the occasion of the presentation of the Automobili Amos Futurista restomod by Eugenio AmosLuca Gnecchi Ruscone, has created a series of capsule collections, each inspired by the customization chosen by each of the lucky owners of the 20 cars in production.

The Reunion Flap takes the lead in these capsule collections. Each combination is unique, inspired by the colours of one of the Futurista that Eugenio Amos is customizing according to the tastes of its private buyers: the acetate frame refers to the car’s body colour, the Alcantara flaps to the car interiors, the flat mirrored lenses to the details that characterize the body

Delta Futurista 3-4 Rear-Black_low

Each special model is kept in a customized packaging with the AA by L.G.R logo and covered in Alcantara, matching the flaps of the Reunion for each issue. A game of references with the exterior and interior of the car that makes these sunglasses a must have for car lovers.

A unique detail, engraved in gold on the left temple distinguishes every piece: the hashtags #AutomobiliAmos and #AAmici.

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