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L.G.R Sunglasses in Netflix’s TV Series “EMILY IN PARIS”.

17 October 2022

L.G.R Sunglasses in “Emily in Paris”

Discover the L.G.R sunglasses worn in the TV Series “Emily in Paris”


L.G.R is proud to announce that three sunglasses designed by L.G.R have been worn by Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu and Camille Razat in the third season of Netflix‘s TV Series EMILY IN PARIS.


Created by Darren Star, author of successful series such as Sex and the City and Beverly Hills 90210, Emily in Paris is one of Netflix‘s best-loved shows.
The TV Series tells the story of Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, an American girl who moves from Chicago to the French capital thanks to an unexpected job opportunity. Emily’s goal is to export the American mindset to the marketing company Savoir, which her company has just acquired. The clash between the two cultures will be the background to the events surrounding Emily’s friendships and love life.

After the success of the first two seasons, the episodes of the third one will be released on Netflix on December 21st, 2022. The final episodes of season two presented a series of challenges that left the young Emily Cooper more confused than ever about her future. In season three, the protagonist will find herself making important decisions for her life, in a mixture of drama, fashion, fun and romance.


In this scene, Emily Cooper wears  TWIGA – Panna Havana Chiaro with Sunbrown lenses



Camille Razat plays ‘Camille‘, the sweet and chic Parisian who, as a gentle stranger, soon becomes Emily’s friend and gets involved in the protagonist’s love dramas.


In this scene, Camille wears Oasi – Palmerie Collection – Black 01



Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu plays ‘Sylvie‘, the director of the Parisian marketing company Savoir. A charming woman who is sensitive and strong at the same time.


In this scene, Sylvie wears Orchid – Havana Tartarugato 23  with Flat Green G15 lenses



In this scene, Sylvie wears Sofia – Venetian Red 80 with Green G15 lenses




In this scene, Sylvie wears Reunion Explorer – Havana Maculato 39 with Flat Green G15 lenses




In this scene, Sylvie wears Palma – Havana Tartarugato 23 with Blue Gradient lenses




Emily in Paris has become a worldwide phenomenon, retelling the Sex and the City prototype in Gen Z style. After two successful seasons, the third chapter of the series set in Paris will pick up the threads of Emily Cooper‘s love and work life.